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2022 Spring Dinner Sold Out

On Thursday, May 5, Christ’s Home hosted its 1st ever SOLD-OUT fundraising event! This was our largest event to date. We want to thank everyone who attended and contributed to making this such a memorable night in Christ’s Home history.

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Want to hear Nate share his story at your next event?

Nathaniel Deen’s story is a real example of how something as simple as a candy bar, an act of kindness, changed his life forever. His life story of survival, hope, and unconditional love centers around his experience escaping the darkness of his past, with help from a teacher, Mr. Stan Deen. Stan not only planted the seed of hope but helped to nurture that seed as he and Nate became a family.

Nate believes that telling his story can help others find hope and that we can all be a light in this world.

If you would like to have Nathaniel Deen share his remarkable story at your next event, please reach out to us for more info.